10 January 2012

Congratulations To My 17,000th Blog Visitor!

Image Taken From The Wide World Of Web

My new year is really starting out great!

I just received an email from Ms. Maz Aznee stating that she's my lucky 17,000th blog's visitor! Wow! My blog's have received that many visitors?!! I didn't even noticed it! :-P What wonderful news this is to me! *glee*

Congratulations Maz Aznee! Thank you sooooooo much for being such an ardent follower of my blog. I am sincerely grateful for the love & support you've rendered me with all these while. Hugs!

Maz Aznee's 'Print Screen' Proof

Maz dear, I'm just so excited & can't wait to bake your winning goodies, which definitely will be from one of my prized recipes :-) 

My sincere thanks again to all that have supported me all these while & I do hope I'll get to meet my next lucky blog visitor soon :-) To those who's new with my blog, you can read on how to be the next Ritz Passion's lucky blog visitor here.

Much love to all!

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