04 September 2014

Little Treasure

Remember in my previous posts how devastated I was when my laptop went kaput & 'swallowed up' all my goodies photo albums? Yes, I'm still very sore about it as those goodies photos of mine means the world to me. It's basically a 'portfolio' of my work throughout my cake making journey. It's truly unfortunate that despite all my efforts, I never did managed to recover those photos of mine :-(

Imagine then my sheer delight when somehow, while scrolling through my Facebook, I saw this cake photo which I did a while back! And yes, it's one of the photos that was 'deleted' by my kaput laptop before!

I'm not taking any more risk of losing yet another photo ( which to me is like little treasures ) so I decided to upload the photo here & blog about this cake. Plus, I never did get the chance to post it before as my laptop went kaput, along with all the original photos :-P As the saying goes, better late than never, right? ;-)

Too bad I only found one photo of the cake...But I guess it will suffice. Better to have one photo to treasure, than none at all! ;-) Any way, this cake was requested by dear Ms. Farhani. If I remember correctly, it was a gift that she wish to present to her dear friend in celebrating her friend's wedding day. It was to be a part of the wedding dowry :-)

Farhani's request was for a Fudge Cake With Vanilla Buttercream Frosting & that the cake to be striking pink. According to her, her friend loveeeeeeeeeeees striking pink :-) Here's the cake that I especially design for her friend...

Striking Pink Themed Wedding/Dowry Cake

To my dear Farhani, I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue. My sincere apology dear as I wasn't able to blog about it before due to the obvious issue of all my photos went missing :-( Couldn't blog about your cake if I have no cake photo/s to show, rite? :-P But here I am blogging about it now ;-) I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks for giving me the chance to create your special gift to your friend. Thanks so much for your continuous support my dear. It means the world to me! ✗o✗o

Hhmmm...Though the chances seemed so slim, I do hope that I'll be able to find more of my little treasure photos soon ;-)

Till next time, much love to all! ✗o✗o

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