24 September 2014

Tom & Jerry Birthday Cake

My heart skipped a beat & practically went straight to my throat when I received Sue's phone call :-P She was wondering if I could come up with a birthday cake for her nephew within a few short hours :-P I don't know why, but short notice orders could really send me into a frenzy! I'm easily panic & can really get cold feet! :-P I guess that's because I'm such a beginner when it comes to cake decorating ( despite being involve in cake baking for years ) :-P I'm a self taught cake decorator, so as you can guess, I'm pretty 'novice' when it comes to creating cake designs *blush*

Anyway, Sue being one of the sweetest person that I've known, I just don't have the heart to disappoint her, so I accepted her order ( while praying that I'll manage to come up with a decent looking cake! ) :-P Her request was for a Tom & Jerry themed birthday cake. With the time constraint, I wasn't able to let my imagination flow freely so this was all I could come up with :-P

Tom & Jerry Themed Birthday Cake

Fudgy Cake With Vanilla Buttercream

My dear Sue, I sincerely hope that you're happy with the outcome of your cake :-) My sincere thanks for choosing my goodies to grace your special occasion :-) Thank you sweetie ✗o✗o 

Thank you all for reading & I bid you a good night! ✗o✗o 

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