19 September 2014

Hello Kitty!

It was such a slow day today that I decided to clean-up my laptop's folders...A tiring & tedious effort I might say, especially so when I'm one of those non-technical kind of gal :-P After a few hours, my eyes started to see stars & I decided that I'm done for the day...I was cleaning up one last folder when 'tadaaaaa'! Yup, I came across a few photos of my goodies! The ones that went 'lost' when my laptop went kaput before! Too bad it's only a few photos out of the many that were lost. But hey, I'll take whatever I can ;-)

Nevertheless, I'm just happy to have found this...It's my Hello Kitty cake :-) I have to admit that it's of sentimental value to me as it's my very first Hello Kitty cake. You know how each 'first project' means the world to any cake maker, especially for a beginner caker like me :-)

This cake was requested by Ms. Iezah, who wanted a Hello Kitty birthday cake for her daughter, Rahimah. I was pretty nervous at first yet excited at the same time :-P After a few discussion, Iezah told me that she wanted a pink theme cake & that she's giving me total free rein on the design. How cool was that! Free rein - best thing to a cake maker! :-)

Here's what I came up with...

Hello Kitty Theme Birthday Cake

Vanilla Cake With Strawberry Jam Filling 
& Vanilla Buttercream

To my dear Iezah, thank you so much for your order but most of all, thank you for trusting me to create your daughter's cake. It is indeed an honor being able to bake for you :-)

That's it for tonight & hope you all have enjoyed my post :-) Much love to all, as always! ✗o✗o

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