11 September 2014

Candylicious Princess Cupcakes

I'm not sure about others but to tell you honestly, I always...always...& I really mean ALWAYS get super excited when I'm asked to do goodies for children :-) There's just something magical about making goodies for them :-) Not sure what it is but I assumed it's the 'little kid' that we have inside of us, no matter how grown up we are ;-)

Imagine my excitement when I'm asked by Ms. Chia Ying to make a set of birthday cupcakes for her little daughter ( or was it niece?...Geez, old age is really catching up with me! ). Her request was for a Chocolate Fudgy Cupcakes with a mix of some Candylicious Cupcakes. And the part that I was so excited about was obviously the theme/decoration :-P After much discussion over the phone, I understand that Chia Ying wanted a sweet pink color theme and that she wish to incorporate some Disney's Princesses on the cupcakes...How cute a theme, right?

Anddddddddddd....Here's my take on it ;-)

Seriously, one of the best time everrrrr! I had sooooo much fun making this :-) I even made some extra cupcakes loaded with candies as gifts! :-P

Sincere thanks goes out to Chia Ying for choosing my goodies & for giving me the chance to create her cupcakes. I do hope that she had enjoyed it & that it brought a big smile to little Chloe's face :-)

Hhmmm...Suddenly I feel like watching some Disney's cartoon :-P Probably something with princesses in it ;-)

Toodle-loo & a very good night to all! ( it's 1:40am on my side of the world, in case you're wondering ) :-P

Much love! ✗o✗o

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