10 November 2014

Short Notice Wedding Cupcakes

Short notice orders always send me into a frenzy & cause ultimate panic attack! :-P You REALLY wouldn't want to see me during those times as I will 'magically' turn into a berserk person - hair flying in all directions, heart beating non-stop, running all over the house like a headless chicken & all! Ha! Ha! But really, I turn into such an ugly hag each time I receive last minute orders. Hence why I usually shy away from such orders :-P

However, I just can't deny Ms. Fauziana's last minute order when she called me up asking for some cupcakes. How could I say 'no' as it was for a very special occasion - a wedding! Now you know what a romantic fool I am, right? How could I say no to wedding goodies? Absolutely a no-no! :-P

Fauziana's request was for some Chocolate Moist Cupcakes with a pink & purple theme. And her other surprise was that she'll be picking it up at 3am! Yes, you've read it correctly. 3 am as in three in the morning :-P Understanding her dilemma in preparing the wedding & all, I agreed to help her out & come up with this set of cupcakes :-)

Pink & Purple Theme Cupcakes

To my dear Fauziana, thank you so much for your order & for allowing my goodies to grace the special occasion :-)

Thanks for reading & sending my love to all! ✗o✗o

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