15 March 2011

Celebrating Love

Fulfilling Fieza's order is something I always look forward to as it give me a reason to meet up with her :-) I love seeing her! Though we only met once before, it felt as though we've known each other for ages! That's how special Fieza is to me :-)

Fieza recently celebrated her 'love' anniversary with darling bf & she wanted to surprise him with some personalized goodies. Being a die-hard fan of my American Carrot Cake, Fieza requested for the same flavor, only this time it's in a shape of cupcakes. 

I was feeling the loveeeeeeeee when I did Fieza's goodies :-) Can't help remembering what it felt like being young & in love...What a wonderful feeling it was *day dreaming*

American Carrot Cake Flavor With Cream Cheese & Fondant/Edible Deco

Purple & Pink Theme Anniversary Cupcakes

To my dear Fieza, thanks so much for allowing my goodies to share your special day. Hope the goodies brought a smile to both of you. Happy 'love' anniversary dear & may your days be filled with much more love & happiness :-)

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  1. huuu...thanx to Y.O.U. dear..u made our anniversary even more lovely..heee look forward to have ur cake on my wedding day next year! heheh..love it so much..mwah mwah..huu


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