12 January 2011

Fever Vs. Passion

Poor me was down with a fever yesterday...I hate being sick, don't you? All achy & feeling weak is just not a good feeling :-( Tried as I might to have a good rest, being me, I just couldn't sit still.....I just want to be in my kitchen! :-P

After much tossing on the bed & being so restless ( plus my mind keep thinking of all the things I just want to cook & bake! ), I decided that I'll feel much better doing some cooking...Simple Chinese dishes was somehow on my mind :-)

Pep Me Up Dishes ;-)

Deep Fried Sweet Sour Pomfret

Broccoli & Shiitake Mushroom

Really, spending a few hours in the kitchen & cooking is all I need to feel much...MUCHHHHHHH better! I think I've found the best cure for fever - sweat it out in the kitchen :-P

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