04 August 2010

Anniversary + Birthday = Anni-Birthday Cake

Gee!! I have to admit that the process of making ( especially decorating! ) this cake is sooooooooooo much fun!! Thanks to Nina, my 'babyhood friend' ( if there's such words!! ) :-P...

A 'lil bit about Nina ( Babe! The spot-light is on you now...As you wish...Ha! Ha! )...We've known each other ever since we're a baby & we practically grew up together...From being toddlers...to going to our favorite kindergarten 'Good Shepherd' ( used to be in Jln Ampang )...to playing 'masak masak' at her house ( Nina & her mum loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeees to cook & bake! )...to sharing our up & down lives as a teenagers...Owh! How I miss those times!! Unfortunately, as years passed & life goes on, we kind of lost contact with each other...I guess we both got too wrapped up in our hectic schedules and stuffs...Nevertheless, she's always on my mind & thoughts...and each time I heard the name "Nina", my radar would perk up & see if it's my Nina :-P

Fortunately, thanks to the wonder of Facebook, we finally found each other one fine day...Owh! The sounds of our shrills & non-stop questions of 'where have you been', 'what have you been up to' and yada...yada...Till today, I'm still looking forward to see her!! I'm just so happy that our friendship is back on track :-x

Errr....I'm getting off track here, rite? :-P Well, back to Nina's cake...Recently she told me that her mum & dad will be celebrating a triple celebration - dad's birthday, mum's birthday & their marriage anniversary and Nina would like me to bake a special cake for them...Believe me! You should see my re-action when Nina told me this! My jaw was wide open!!! Why  such re-action? My! Nina & her mum are such great cooks & till today I can still taste their goodies in my mouth!! Such an impact and after all those years! That's how good their goodies are!...What can a novice baker like me offer them?!! Erkkkkkkkk!! :-P

After much persuasions & encouragements ( plus tonnes of laughters ) from Nina over our various phone calls ( that's how nervous I was making her cake!!...Can't wait to see my hand-phone bills!! Ha! Ha! ), I donned on my apron & walaaaa!!!

Here's the cake I created especially for Aunty Azean & Uncle Bakar ( whom I consider as my extended parents )...

Carrot & Walnut Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

My "Flower Basket" Deco :-P

"Happy Anni-Birthday" Uncle Bakar & Aunty Azean!

Here are some photos given to me by Nina...

Nina's Daughters & Nieces Happily Putting The Candles

Aunty Azean With Her Youngest Grandchild

To Uncle Bakar & Aunty Azean, "Happy Birthday" to both of you! May Allah S.W.T blessed both of you always...and not forgetting, "Happy 43rd Anniversary"!! May your love for each other continue to blossom each & every day....

To my darling girl, Nina...Thanks so much for your order & support :-) But most of all, my sincere "Thank you" for being a great friend to me! Muahhhh!! Love you tonnes!! Hope you & family enjoyed the cake ;-)

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  1. Rita.....Thank you sooooo much...the cake was wonderful inside out...and thank you for putting the spotlight on me ..heheheh...luv ya,mwahs!!!!!


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