09 January 2015

Not The Usual Birdie

Being someone from the 'Jurassic Era' ( yup! I'm really THAT old! ), I have to admit that I'm totally behind on all these computer/online games. People around me would be squealing with excitement over games of Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Farm Heroes, Clash Of Clans & all those fancy games but lil old me would just be contended playing Scrabble :-P Yes, I'm really an old-school kind of gal *blush*

Imagine then the blank look on my face when dear Ms. Hamiza called me up requesting for an Ice Bird theme birthday cake :-P I was like "What? Say it again? What bird? Sorry but I'm not familiar with that type of bird but do tell me details so that I can Google it" :-P I can still remember Hamiza giggling out loud over the phone. Ha...ha...I must have sounded like a silly hag asking all the weird questions about THIS bird but I really have no idea what Ice Bird was! *chuckles*

Luckily Hamiza took the time to explain to me that Ice Bird is a character from one of those online games - Angry Birds. No wonder I've never heard of it! *face palm* Hamiza requested that I work out a cake design around this Ice Bird character for her son's birthday & this was what I came up with ;-)

It's Ice Bird!

Chocolate Moist Cake With Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling & Frosting

Though I'm not familiar with the character, I really did my best to do justice to Ice Bird :-) Hamiza, I sincerely hope that you & your son are happy with the outcome of my creation :-) It was an honor indeed baking it for you & I thank you for giving me the opportunity to create your son's special cake :-)

Thank you all for reading my post & I hope you enjoy looking at my cake photos :-) Till next time, much love to all! ✗o✗o

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