13 April 2015

Another Experience Gained

Most of you who have been following me will know that I am just a simple baker who baked simply based on my passion :-) No knowledge in cake baking, never been to any classes/courses & definitely never had any basic skill where cake making/decorating is concerned :-P What I have been doing all this while is truly based on my passion & what I call my 'play dough' sessions. Sessions where I simply put on my apron & whip up cakes or play with my fondant :-P

So you can imagine my surprise when a dear friend of mine, Ms. Dilla & her fiancee, Rexxa, requested that I make their wedding cake! I was actually beyond surprised! More like super scared really! Here I am, a little home baker & am being asked to bake a wedding cake! I was mortified! Plus, the fact that Rexxa is a chef, really didn't help ease my insecurity! *ha! ha!*

To be frank, I really did say 'no' to them as I was THAT insecure with my skills...but thanks to the non-stop peep talk & encouragements from Dilla & Rexxa, I finally gave in & agreed to create their cake ( but not without warning them that the cake might be a disaster! ). 

One thing I do love about this lovely couple is how hands on they are & how they 'held my hands' throughout the process :-) Knowing that I'm quite new with wedding cakes, they went out of their way to assist me in any way they possibly could, from providing me with various sample designs & meeting me up over coffee to discuss about the cake. I could never thank them enough for their support & for believing in me *sappy moment*

The moment finally came & this is what I've created for their special day...A novice work to some but a HUGE stepping stone for me :-)

Black & White Themed Wedding Cake

The Lovely Couple & Their Wedding Cake :-)

To my dear Dilla & Rexxa, I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue but believe me when I say that never a day passed by without me sending you a silent prayer. Prayers of gratitude & of happiness for the both of you :-) From the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me & for trusting me enough to create your wedding cake. I pray that your days will always be filled with endless love & happiness :-)

To my readers, thank you for visiting my blog & for always showering me with your encouragements. Much love to each & every one of YOU ✗o✗o

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