13 October 2010

Alive & Kicking...

Yup! As the title says, I'm still alive & kicking ;-) Or should I put it alive & baking?...Hhmmm...

Yes, finally I managed to find some time to sit in front of my laptop to type away  some of my M.A.J.O.R back-dated posts! Gosh! You wouldn't believe all the posts I need to update!! Scares me just to see my 'draft box'!! Ngeeeeeeee!!!! Be patience with me & I'll promise to post the updates one at a time, kay...

To those who religously followed my blog, thank you so much for your support...and yes, noted on your "complaints" about the "no news" from me ;-) As you know, for the last two months, we celebrated the holy month of Ramadhan & the joyous Syawal...It was supposed to be just another celebration for me....Was I wrong!!! Being new in this baking thingy, little did I know that it will be THE most hectic two months of my new life as a home-baker. Despite the chaos & the lost of my beauty sleep during those times, one thing I'm so grateful for are the knowledge & experience I've gained...Guess my experience will be a bonus point next time around, ehh? :-P

Well, as I say, I've tonnesssssssssssssssssss of post that I need to update...Better do it now, ehh? As a start, here are some of the products that I was busy rushing out from my oven during the Ramadhan & Syawal month recently...I also did received some rendang & cakes order, unfortunately I didn't managed to find the time to snap the pix due to my hectic schedules :-P
Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies

Honey & Nuts Cornflakes Cookies

Rock Cookies

To those who ordered & purchased my products, I thank you from the bottom of my heart...It warms my heart knowing part of my products graced your special day, a day spent with your loved ones...

And to those who actually took some time sending me those nice messages, I thank you for your sweet & kind words.

Some of the messages I received which just made my day & I truly appreciate it :-x

"My girls love your cookies. They said it's just like Famous Amos!" - Ms.D

"Kak, your cookies are superb! Thanks!" - Ms.Yaya

"Fuuuuulamak! My mama's cookies so delicious. Feels like in heaven now" -  Mr. RYSC a.k.a my 'son'

Salam Aidilfitri to all and maaf zahir & batin....Moving on to my next post ;-)

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