17 April 2010

A Cake For Daddy

It is every daughter's dream to fulfill her Daddy's wishes & make him happy...Well, same goes to me...As a daughter, I'll try my best to make all my dad's wishes come true...I may not be rich to lavish him with tonnes of money, I may not be smart to build an empire for him to be proud of but one thing for sure, my dad has all my love and my utmost respect...

I guess it's a no brainer what went through my mind when my dear dad recently told me he loves having fruit cake right before taking his daily medicines & vitamins...Yup! Yours truly, who never before attempt any kind of baking any version of fruit cakes, took a bold step & baked one! Err, maybe I should say steamed one :-P

Initially I plan to bake a normal fruit cake for my dad but after much urging from my darling sister, I finally settled for the steamed version...Imagine never baking any fruit cake before & getting a request for steamed one!

The process of making a steam cake was quite different from the normal cake baking...A little bit extra work I would say ( took me 3 hours just to steam the cake! ) but I enjoyed making it as it is a learning process for me...I love  the feeling I get when I try something new!

The result?...Hhmmm, I guess I have yet to ask my dad...but I do know that my 'lil sis is having it for her breakfast & lunch!! Ha..ha...Just hope my dad gets his share of the cake ;-)

To my dearest Daddy & darling sister, I hope you enjoyed the cake which I made with all my love...Hugs!

Steamed Fruit Cake

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