26 April 2010

Cuppies Month

Phew! I finally managed to squeeze in some time to update this blog of mine...Been quite a bz month for me ;-) Though it's been a hectic month, I actually enjoyed every baking moment! Seemed like April is my cuppies month & I'm thankful for all the orders that keep coming in...

Here's a cake cuppies ordered by Mr. Syafiq to celebrate his girlfriend's graduation...So sweet I might add ;-) This order actually made me reminisce my younger years...Remember when you're in-love & everything is so sweet & simple?...Boy! Do I miss those easy days....He...he...Anyway, I actually received this order quite late and was practically given a few hours to come up with the cuppies! Luckily I managed to baked it in time & Mr. Syafiq was very happy with the outcome. Thanks Mr. Syafiq for your order...Hope your gf loves the cuppies ;-)

Another order came from Ms. Syakira...She's very specific as what she wants on her cuppies...It's her dad & mum's special day & she wants it to be special...Being a daughter myself, I understand what she meant...Initially she wanted cake cuppies with her family's photo on it but due to time constraint, she finally requested for a simple one instead...BUT it has to be orange poppy seed flavor with the cream cheese toppings...She lovesssssssss those! She actually brought the cuppies all the way to her hometown in Perak...Thanks for your order & I do hope you've enjoyed it with your family ;-)

This next order came from my very very loyal supporter, Mr. M...Seriously, even if I have to stay all nite long, I'll definitely make sure Mr. M gets his order ;-) Mr. M & his darling wife, Ms. SA are my greatest supporters ever & I'm so thankful for it! This time Mr. M requested a cake cuppies for his dear niece & nephew's birthday...They're twins & turning 2 years old...I actually took some time to create some new decoration for this special order....Hope they like it ;-) Thanks Mr. M for your order & non-stop support!

Oh dear! It's nearly 6am! I better sign out & get my beauty sleep :-P Wouldn't want me to look like a hag in the morning, rite?...Nite all!

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