05 April 2010

Wedding Cake Order

Imagine being a novice in fondant cakes & receiving an order for a wedding cake...Scared to my bones!!! That's exactly how I felt upon receiving Ms. FJ's telephone call recently...

FJ informed me that she loved seeing my polka dot choc cake photo & wish to order a wedding cake for her brother's wedding...My jaw seriously dropped when I heard FJ's request...I was like "Me, doing a wedding cake?!!!"...Not wanting to be over my head, I was straight out honest with FJ & told her I'm seriously a beginner in cake decoration, especially fondant, not to mention wedding cakes!!! I was biting my fingernails while chatting with FJ on the phone and after much persuasions from FJ, I finally succumbed to her request...Seriously, I  think I asked her "Are you sure?" nearly 101 times...Ha...ha...

Anyway, I told FJ that I'm not good at doing all those delicate fancy wedding cake decorations...I'm still a novice!!! Yet FJ told me that the reason she's ordering from me is because she likes my simple & modern style...So, here goes...

My Very 1st Wedding Cake

                                     Trimmings For The Cake

I was still too nervous about my cake even after FJ collected it from me...My nerves & worries were finally put to rest when I received a message from FJ...FJ's testimonial in her own words :-)

"Kek tu ramai org puji...plus sedap giler! Sesuai ngan harga nyer. Padat & kurang manis. My mum ok. Dia kate mantap"

Phew!!! I can finally exhale....To FJ, thanks for the encouragement & most of all thank you so much for believing in me enough to order my cake...I feel so honored that you've choosen my home-made cake  to grace your brother's special day...Selamat Pengantin Baru Azmirul Fariz & Azrina!

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