18 May 2010

Mom's Day Cuppies

Mr. KF, whom I fondly call 'Kerol' has always been one of the best buddy to work with during my working days at my former office...From a single man to being a hubby & now a father, our friendship still remains & I'm so thankful of that...He is just like a brother to me & I simply love his small family, his wife, Lia & honest to goodness, the most well behaved baby I've ever met, Baby K...Pardon the usage of their nicknames as I do not want to intrude their privacy ;-)

Them being such a special person(s) in my life, it's natural that I feel nervous when Kerol called me one day & wanted to order my cuppies to celebrate 'Mother's Day' & also to celebrate his brother's birthday...He infact put all his trust in my hand from choosing the cuppies flavor to decorating it...All he requested is that the cuppies suit both occassions...

To be on the safe side, I opted for a unisex kind of deco, what else if not garden themed :-P

To Kerol & Lia, thanks for allowing my cuppies to be a part of your celebration & I do hope it brought joy to you & your whole family....'Happy Mother's Day' Lia & to Kerol's brother, 'Happy Birthday'!


  1. Hi Lia....It was my pleasure sweetie ;-)


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