08 May 2010

Comfy Cushion Cake

Let me tell you that a lot of stories go behind this particular cake...

1. It's one of my 'wish list' cake project...Been dying to try this out!

2. I've fallen in-love with this cushion cake deco & was interested to go for classes...The setback? After much browsing through the internet, I found out that the classes costs RM400-500!!! Meiyo chien ooo!! ( Translation : I've no money!! ) So I decided to just be 'brave & bold' & try it out on my own :-P

3. All of the technics that I've been wanting to learn, i.e. the 'sewing effect' deco, the trimmings etc, I actually "trial and error" on this particular cake :-P Was feeling pretty 'brave' at the time! He..he..

4. I'm lousy with flower decoration! Never know where to put it...Which flower to use...How to make it stand out...Yada...Yada...So this one is also another one of my 'wish list' project - To try deco a cake with flowers :-)

5. A few friends actually thought it's a cushion & not a cake!! I find this sooooooooooo funny cause they really thought I was snapping pictures of a cushion!!! Hhmmm, I took it as a compliment though as it mean I managed to 'dupe' them into thinking my cake is a cushion!!! :-P

Well, why not I let you be the judge & tell me if my 1st attempt on cushion cake deco is a success or not :-P Just don't be a meanie judge like Simon Cowell ( I adore him though! ) in American Idol...He..he...

Psst...By the way, this cake was made specially for my dear friend Mr. Aziz who's getting married a few hours from now...He's been such an angel during my working days as a PA before...He made all my traveling arrangements such a breeze & this is my way of saying thanks to him...Selamat Pengantin Baru Aziz!

Wish List Fulfilled! :-P My Version Of A Cushion Cake

American Carrot Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting & Fondant Deco

Apologize for the tonnesssssssss of photos...I'm just sooooooooo excited about the fact that I've made a cushion cake! :-P Crossing an item from my wish list now ;-)

Much love to all & thanks for viewing my post ✗o✗o

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