18 May 2010

Personalized Cookies

A special & personalized cookies for a special girl...This was ordered by my dear friend, Ms. ME for her daughter's birthday recently. Her daughter is also one of my many god-daughters & I adore her tremendously!

I had so much fun baking & decorating these cookies - ginger & chocolate flavors...Wanted to do my best for my god-daughter, Nana...I have to admit that my heart will always be filled with lots of love each time I bake my cakes & cookies, much much more when I'm baking it for my loved ones ;-)

To ME & family, especially my dear sweet Nana, hope you enjoyed the cookies...Many thanks for your orders ;-) Last but not least, to my dear child Nana, 'Happy 7th Birthday' dear & may you grow up to be a sweet & beautiful girl...Hugs & kisses for you! Muahhhhhhhh!!!

Chocolate Flavored Cookies

                    Ginger Flavored Cookies

Packaging Process

All Packed & Ready To Be Delivered


  1. Dear Ritz,

    Nana was soooo proud of the cookies. She had her list of people to give them to..nenek, tok wan, acu, pak ngah, batrisyia..bla bla bla..As for me, the cookies turned out to be more than I expected! Love them, love them ALL! U really have the touch;-)


  2. Dear ME,

    I'm really glad that both you & Nana loved the cookies :-) Nothing gives me more joy than to make others happy with my baking products...Thank you for your sweet & encouraging comment! I'm truly humbled...


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