18 May 2010

Love Is In The Air

Love is definitely in the air for me last week...What with 'Mother's Day', 'Teacher's Day' & tonnes of wedding invitations...I could really feel the loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;-)

And in honor of those love & to celebrate all the love around me, I've baked some 'love cookies'...Not only I want to feel the love around me, I just have to 'taste' it as well ;-)

To all the mother's around the world, 'Happy Mother's Day'....To all the teacher's who dedicated their lives to educate us, 'Happy Teacher's Day'...and to all my friends who invited me to their special day, 'Happy Wedding Day'...All my love & best wishes to each & everyone of you...

Cookies With Love Messages

A daughter's note to her dearest mum...

"Mummy, though you are with the angels now, I could still feel the warmth of your love around me...How I miss you each & every day...Wish I could celebrate this 'Mother's Day' with you and let you know how much I love you. Rest in peace Mummy & may Allah S.W.T  bless & protect you always...All my prayers for you Mummy...I love you, always!"

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