25 May 2010

Ritz Passion's "1,000th Visitor Contest"

A blog which started as just a journal of my daily cooking & baking experience, 'Ritz-Passion' has now grown and evolved not only as my personal journal but as a baking business journal as well...Yup! Baking is now my full time job and I loveeeeeeeeeeeee every second of it!!...

With all the support from family & friends, and every one of you out there, my blog has been receiving countless visitors daily...This could not have happened without you guys and to thank each & every one of you for your continuous support, I decided to run a "1,000th Visitor Contest" ;-)

Hold on! Hold on...Be ware that it's not a fancy over the top kind of contest :-P but for the 1,000th visitor, I'll be baking a set of cupcakes from one of my new recipes ;-) So, start visiting my blog and try your luck...

Here are the details of the contest a.k.a the terms & conditions:-

  • The contest is only eligible for visitors within Malaysia only. My sincere apology for my overseas visitors...If only I can send out those cuppies to you guys!!! :-( But, do still send me an email so that I could thank you okay :-x
  • Proof of blog visit is required. Visitor is to 'Print Screen' the page stating that they are the 1,000th visitor & email it to ritzpassion@yahoo.com with their full name & contact numbers. Detail provided will be treated as private & confidential and will not be use by Ritz-Passion in any other way.        
How to 'Print Screen':- 
  1. Once you are on the page that stated you are the 1,000th Visitor ( see top left of Ritz-Passion's blog ), press the button/key 'PrtSc' on your keyboard.
  2. Minimize your window & go to your 'Start Button' ( see bottom left of your screen ). Click that button/key and look for 'Paint'.
  3. Click on 'Paint' and a new window will pop up. On your top left, you will see a 'Paste' icon. Click on that icon & your 1,000th Visitor page will be loaded.
  4. Once this is done, proceed with saving the file by clicking the 'Save As' and name your file accordingly in JPEG file.
  5. Email me the file together with your details.
  • Gift is to be claim & self-collect from Ritz-Passion. No deliveries will be provided.

I'm so looking forward to bake my special treat for my 1,000th visitor...Good luck to all & hope to hear from you soon!!!

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