08 May 2010

Let's Bowl

Hhmmm...Always the kind of person who can't stand still, I decided to take this time to update my blog while waiting for my cuppies to bake in the oven...Yup! It's 3:45am but still...I get so restless when I'm not doing anything!! I guess that's where my nickname "Energizer Bunny" come from ehh?!! :-P

I had quite a 'down' week last week...Was down with fever & then had a bout of tummy ache, one of the down thing of being a girl :-( Thank god I'm feeling much much better now...I'm just thankful that though I was sick, I did managed to fulfill the orders that came in...Phew!!

Last week was also a special week for one of my strong supporter, Ms. SR. She got engaged to her special someone, Mr. JP...Congratulations dear! I'm sooooooooo happy for you! I also would like to say thank you for ordering my brownies to grace your  special occasion...SR had informed me months earlier about her brownies order...Told me her friends insisted she serves it on her special day...I'm ever so grateful ;-)

Apart from the brownies order, I did receive a kind of last minute request from my dear friend, Ms. RS...It's her son's birthday & she's hosting the party at one of the bowling alley in Petaling Jaya. Ever so eager to try out new things, I gladly accepted the order...Have to admit that I struggled a bit doing the deco but here are the outcome :-P

Bowling Themed Birthday Cake

Struggled With The Pins...Guess I Need To Practice More :-P

I'm just relieved that RS was happy with the cake...Her sms to me makes it all worth while - "Thanks 2 u beb...Dlm sakit2 pun gigih buatkan kek tu. They luv d cake!"...She even 'warn' me to put on my thinking cap for her daughter's birthday soon...Will definitely put my thinking cap on ;-) Thanks so much dear for giving me the chance to bake the cake for your occasion...Muahhhhhhhhh!!

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