21 July 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Sabrina!

This post has actually been sitting in my 'draft box' for quite sometime...Didn't post it as I was waiting for some additional photos from my dear friend, ME ;-) Life seemed to be quite hectic for her lately as only yesterday she managed to e-mail me the photos...Thanks so much dear & my apologies for all the sms reminders :-P ( You did asked me to do so! He..he... )

A few weeks back, her daughter, who is also one of my many god-daughters, Sabrina, celebrated her belated birthday at Al Rawsha, Jalan Damai. It was a family affair thus I was honored when ME invited me for the special event...Boy! Did I have a great time there...A truly new experience for me as it's my first time trying out Middle Eastern food!! I did hear people drooling over the food at Al Rawsha but I've never known why....Now I do!! Totally different from my usual dining experience...The food, the setting, the environment...

Owhhh! Enough about my food experience....Getting out of topic here! Maybe I'll write up another post about Al Rawsha next time ;-)

Let's get back to my sweet & shy girl, Sabrina...She really has grown up from the last time I saw her ( which makes me feel soooooooooooo OLD!!! Ha...ha... ). Anyway, for her birthday celebration, ME has decided to make it special by ordering a cake with edible family photos...A really great set of photos I might say...Luv it! In one of our telephone calls, ME did mentioned to me that Sabrina's favorite colour are blue & orange...So I decided to in-corporate that as well in her cake ;-)

Chocolate Moist With Choc Filling Cake

Sabrina & Her Winning Smile

My New Dining Experience At Al Rawsha

To my dear Sabrina, all my love & prayers for you...May you grow up to be a great person & make your parent proud! Don't stop flashing that sweet smile of yours ;-)

To ME and family, thank you so much for giving me the chance to bake Sabrina's cake...I am truly honored! Thank you too for your invitation & for opening me up to a new dining experience ;-) I'm heading there again soon :-P

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