27 July 2010

Ben & His Ben 10 Cuppies

I've always considered myself lucky as I'm blessed with so many close friends...Friends who has stick by me through the good times...and through the bad times as well...LMY, is definitely one of them and I've lovingly dubbed her my BFF ( Best Friends Forever ) :-x

When she called me up recently to order some cupcakes for her darling son, Ben ( whom we fondly call Ben Ben ), my brain was already whipping up ways to make it special...After all, how do I ever thank LMY for her friendship other than through my baking ;-)

Her order was for a mix of chocolate & vanilla cupcakes...No other specific details but in one of our smses, I did remember LMY saying that Ben Ben lovesssssssssssssssss Ben 10...and of course I simply have to incorporate that in his cupcakes ;-) A special cupcake for my darling sweet Ben Ben...

Vanilla Flavor With Butter Cream & Chocolate Deco...Every kids love chocolate, rite :-P

Chocolate Flavor With Chocolate Ganache & Topped With Edible And Butter Cream Deco

Sweet Ben Ben All Grown Up

To Ben Ben, Aunty wishes you a very Happy 8th Birthday! I still remember the times when you were just a tiny tot in your mum's arms...My! How you've grown...

To LMY, thanks so much for allowing my cupcakes to grace Ben Ben's special day...Hope you've enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed baking it specially for you....Muahhhhhhhhh!! Love you tonnes!!!

P/S - A recent sms I received from LMY that simply made my day - "Not only Ben2 likes it so much, all people who came was so surprised n happy 2 see such unique cuppies! Luv u tons!"...

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