27 July 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Harith!

Boys will always be boys :-P

When one of my besties, Mona called me & wanted to order a football theme cake for her son, Harith, I was a bit unsure on how to go about decorating it...Further more, Mona mentioned that Harith's favorite football team is Manchester United...Being a life-long fan of Chelsea, I know how special Manchester United Team is to their fan, what more to an eight year old boy...

After a great talk with Mona to get all the details, I went about wrecking my brain thinking of ways to make the cake special for Harith...I really want him to have the greatest smile when he sees his cake ;-) Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to mull over the deco as I was given kind of a last minute notice by Mona :-) Mind you, I'm still just a novice and my imagination is still quite limited, what more when pressed for time...Ha..ha...

Mona had ordered from me several times before & this time around she requested for a carrot & walnut cake with cream cheese topping...

Manchester United & Football Theme Birthday Cake

Carrot & Walnut With Cream Cheese Topping

Mona, you had been one of my greatest supporter all this time & I truly appreciate it...Thanks so much for allowing me to bake the cake for my god-son, Harith...I do hope you have enjoyed my baking ;-) From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! Muahhhh!!

P/S - In one of her smses to me, Mona mentioned that Harith actually sleeps with his footballers toy...Ain't that so cute :-P

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