18 July 2010

M.I.A = Missing In Action

Sigh! Yes, I'm missing my 2,000th Blog Visitor :-(

When I checked my blog counter recently it stated 2,002th visitors & I was so excited to hear from my lucky 2,000th Visitor...My mind was already contemplating on the goodies I would present the lucky visitor with...Unfortunately, my lucky number 2,000th Visitor went M.I.A and a daily check of my e-mails shows no news/claim from him/her...*bummer*

As I'm typing this, my blog counter has stated 2104 visitors...and still no news :-( My only guess would be that who-ever he/she is didn't know about my special tribute to my blog visitors ;-) http://ritz-passion.blogspot.com/2010/05/surprise-is-waiting-for-ritz-passions.html

Hhmmm...I guess I better announce it again ehhh?....I love the concept of 'sharing is caring' and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee baking...It would be such a joy to share this love of mine with you guys out there ;-) So, as a thank you for all the support I received from my family & friends, and also YOU, I'm giving away a special gift to my 1,000th....2,000th....3,000th....4,000th....5,000th....and so forth ( you get the picture, rite? ) to my blog visitors :-P But hold on!!! Let me remind you that my gift  won't be over the top, fancy @ extravagant kind of gift okay....Have to make this clear in case you are expecting a car or something....Ha..ha..ha....

As I say, I love baking and I would really love to share this passion of mine with you...So to my lucky visitors, I'll be  giving away some of the goodies from my priced recipes...and every gift is of course a surprise ;-) Don't you just love surprises?!! I do!! Honestly, I was actually planning to bake Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes for my 2,000th Visitor...Hard luck ehhh?

Guys & gals, make sure you have a look at my blog's visitor counter each time you visit my blog, okay? Who knows you might be the lucky ones ;-)

How to go about it? Here are the details:-
  • Only eligible for visitors within Malaysia. My sincere apology for my overseas visitors...If only I can send out those foodies to you guys :-( But, do still send me an email so that I could thank you personally okay :-x
  • Proof of blog visit is required. Visitor is to 'Print Screen' the page stating that they are the 3,000th...4,000th....5,000th Visitor...so forth & email it to ritzpassion@yahoo.com with their full name & contact numbers. Detail provided will be treated as private & confidential and will not be use by Ritz Passion in any other way.        

How to 'Print Screen':- 
  1. Once you are on the page that stated you are the 3,000th...4,000th....5,000th...and so forth Visitor ( see right side of Ritz Passion's blog page ), press the button/key 'PrtSc' on your keyboard.
  2. Minimize your window & go to your 'Start Button' ( see bottom left of your screen ). Click that button/key and look for 'Paint'.
  3. Click on 'Paint' and a new window will pop up. On your top left, you will see a 'Paste' icon. Click on that icon & your 3,000th....4,000th....5,000th and so forth Visitor page will be loaded.
  4. Once this is done, proceed with saving the file by clicking the 'Save As' and name your file accordingly in JPEG file.
  5. Email me the file together with your details and I'll definitely get in touch with you soonest possible ;-)
  • Gift is to be claim & self-collect from Ritz Passion. No deliveries will be provided.

I hope to hear from you soon and once again, thank you for all the support!!! Remember, sharing is caring, so spread the love okay :-x Have a great day you all!!

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