26 October 2011

Like Oil & Water

Yessssssss! That's exactly how I'll describe myself with flowers :-) Don't get me wrong, I do L.O.V.E flowers. Should see the look of glee on my face whenever I receive flower bouquets! You would think I've just won the lottery!

What I mean here is any activity concerning flowers...Even the simplest task of arranging flowers in a vase takes me hours & still the end result is disastrous! Hhmmm, come to think of it, maybe that's the reason my honey bunny seldom buy me flowers :-P

My bad streak in flower decorations even extended to my sugar craft flower making *blush* Just the thought of making fondant flowers ( yes, any kind of flower! ) is enough to make my palms go all sweaty. Must be nerves, worry & fear. Seriously, flower & me don't get along :-P

So when dear Ms. FH called me & requested for a set of cupcakes with flower deco on it, I got kind of panicky...Who wouldn't?!! Especially with my history of bad streaks with flowers :-P Moreover, I don't even know how to do sugar craft flowers...Erkkkkkkk!! Oh! A fact that I DID warned Ms. FH about & somehow she still ask me to proceed with her order..He..he..

After much restless thoughts, I decided to just have a go & make my own version of flower deco...Now, don't ask me what flower it is as I've no idea :-P All I did was take some dough & just go with the flow. Pretty sure no such flower existed in the world, only in my mind :-P

Here's the set of cupcakes which Ms. FH ordered for her BFF's engagement ceremony :-)

Attempting Sugar Craft Flowers :-P

Pink & Purple Themed Cupcakes

Engagement Gift Cupcakes - Chocolate Moist Cake
With Chocolate Ganache Frostings & Fondant Deco

To Ms. FH, you've been so great! Even when I frankly tell you of my inadequate skill in making sugar craft flowers, you still put your trust in me & urge me on...I greatly appreciate your support & encouragement :-) My sincere gratitude to you, always! Hugs!

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