25 October 2011

When You Feel It, Just Do It!

Truth be told, I'm still struggling with my icing deco...Heck! Let me revise that...I'm still struggling with cake decorating to be exact :-P Sometimes whenever I home-schooled myself watching those You-Tube tutorials, I found myself shrieking, 'Oh my! I don't know how to do that!'...but most of the time it's 'Is that even possible?' :-P Yeah! I'm THAT lousy with icing decorations *blush*

Having zero knowledge in cake baking & decorating, I'm always doubting myself each time I'm about to try a certain icing design :-P Believe me, there are tonnes of icing design I wish I could master, yet I never ( ever! ) had the guts to even attempt it. Yup! I'm THAT unsure of my own cake skills!

I was feeling kind of tired being unsure of myself when something just strike me...Why should I torture myself with all this self-doubt?!! If I feel it, then just do it! I don't think I'll die if I fail, rite? The worst that will happen is that I'll have an ugly cake but it's still edible! Pretty sure my honey bunny wouldn't mind being my 'guinea pig' & indulge himself with my ugly cakes. Win - win situation, I would say :-P

With that in mind, I was gearing up for my next cake project when opportunity presented itself in the form of an order from Anim, one of my very first customer when I first started this goodies venture of mine :-) Yeayyyyyyyy!! Anim's request was for a Red Velvet cake, a birthday celebration cake she's arranging for her office colleagues. Being a regular customer, Anim ( bless her ), gave me total freedom in designing her cake :-)

I totally took this chance to have a go at one of the icing design that I've been dying to try...

My Very 1st Attempt At Making Roses Icing Deco On A Cake :-P

A 4 in 1 Birthday Cake

Red Velvet Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

I was pretty worried with the outcome but seeing Anim's face when she picked up the cake was enough to put my mind at ease. Her 'ohhs' & 'ahhs' were enough to make my day ;-) It's always a major plus point to me, knowing my customer's happy with their goodies order. I just love that feeling!

To my dear Anim, even when I'm unsure of myself, you're always there to push me on :-) Your undying confidence in me is sincerely appreciated & I thank you! Thank you so much for all your support & I hope I'll be blessed with more of it :-)

Peeps, lesson to remember here...When you feel it, just do it! You wouldn't know what you're capable of until you try ;-) Now that I have a new 'motto', I'm so looking forward to my next project :-) Wish me luck!

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