13 October 2011

A Tribute...

- Loyd C. Taylor -

Fathers …

They are strong 

When we need protection

They are tender 
When we need affection

Fathers …

They are near 

To chase our fears away

They work hard 
To provide day after day

Fathers …

Their tasks many 

Free minutes are so few

They are special 
For all the things they do

Fathers …
They are disciplinarians 
Yet soothe our pains away
They are spiritual leaders
And taught us how to pray

Fathers …

They are heroes 

Though perfect they are not

They are gracious 
Our flaws some how forgot

Fathers …

They are misjudged 

In time they've given us

They give wisdom 
Through words spoken in love

Fathers …

They are treasures

So today let us start, 

Honoring our Father
And love with all our heart. 

Sobs...Isn't that such a nice poem? It really touched my heart & for this post of mine, I find it befitting to tribute one of my favourite poems to all the dads out there, especially to my dad :-) I love you Daddy!

And here's Halifah's tribute for both her dad & father-in-law, in celebration of the recent Father's Day...Two sets of Red Velvet cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese frostings. It was a very last minute order & it sadden me that I wasn't able to come up with any intricate design in time :-( Had just enough time to make a simple deco for the cupcakes. Luckily Halifah understood my dilemma & was okay with it. Phewwwww!! :-P

Father's Day Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese Frostings

Halifah & Her Dad...So Sweet! :-)

Halifah's Dad & His Cupcakes :-)

Halifah's Gift To Her Father In-Law

Halifah's Father-In Law & His Cuppies :-)

I Love This Photo Which Halifah Tagged Me In Facebook :-)

Halifah's friend, Natasha, the person who actually initiated the order, also ordered a set for her dad...Thanks dear! Welcome to Ritz Passion goodies :-)

Red Velvet Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese Frostings

To Halifah & Natasha, you're both such sweet ladies & I'm sure both of your dads are proud to call you 'daughter' :-) Thank you so much for allowing my goodies to be a part of your special celebration. I am indeed honoured by the opportunity :-)

Much love to all & please don't forget to give your dad a hug after reading this ;-) My dad sure gonna get a tight squeeze from me! :-)

♥ Message from Halifah 

"Thanks dear. Red Velvet u sedap sgtttt!!!!!"


"Thanks dear. Your Red Velvet is soooooooo delicious!!!"

P/S : Thank you so much for making my day with your kind message Halifah :-) Hugs!


  1. how much eh red velvet cupcakes ni? gimme more info boleh?hihi

  2. Hi there Syafawani! Would love to give u more info :-) Pls send in yr inquiries to my email & I'll get back to you soonest possible. U can also contact me at my mobile ;-) Thanks dear!


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