09 October 2011

More Catching Up!

Yup! I have loads to catch up on my posts...Believe me, loads! I even have goodies which I've made in June still waiting for it's turn to be high-lighted here *super blush!* Okay, enough of me yapping! Let's catch up, shall we? :-P

These three goodies were all ordered on the same day...Should see the panic state I was in that day! I was practically running around the house like a crazy wet hen, worried sick that I couldn't finish the orders in time, more so when two of it had to be hand delivered :-P By a stroke of pure luck ( and a bit of miracle, I guess ), I did manage to finish up all orders & delivered it in time...Major phewwwwwwww! :-P

The first order was from Ms. Salwa, all the way from Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. Her order was for a Red Velvet birthday cake for her dad. I was quite jittery when making Salwa's order as she's a new customer of mine...I ALWAYS get so nervous + jittery + panicky when making goodies for new customers :-P Nevertheless, I would always give my best to all my customers, a code I live by ;-)

Here's the cake I did for Salwa's dad...

Red Velvet Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese Frostings

Took The Chance To Practice On My Flower Making ;-)

To Salwa, thanks so much dear for giving me the opportunity to bake for you :-) It means a lot to me that you've chosen my goodies to grace your dad's special day! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

As I mentioned earlier, I get pretty nervous when baking for new customers...Guess what? The next order was also from another new customer!...I guess you all can imagine what a nervous wreck I was that particular day, attending to two new customers :-P In fact, truth be told, I was particularly EXTRA nervous about this order which I received from Tunku Muna. With an esteemed family background attached to her name, it was crucial for me to make sure that my goodies are up to her expectations :-P

Her order was for a set of Red Velvet cupcakes & as it was for her family's eating pleasure, I opted for a simple deco :-) I didn't want to overwhelm the cupcakes with too much 'blings' as those extra 'blings' can really change the taste of cupcakes, in my opinion, that is :-P Instead I did some sweet roses deco to reflect my thoughts of Tunku Muna, whom to me, is such a sweet beautiful lady :-)

Red Velvet Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Something Simple & Sweet ;-)

Tunku Muna, I am truly humbled by the opportunity given by you. It was indeed an honour to bake for you & your family. My sincere thanks for all the support & encouragement that you've showered me with :-)

And finally, the last order for the day...A birthday cupcakes ordered by Intan Norzalizawati for her son, Ochen. It's actually a last minute order & initially I had turned it down due to my busy schedules. I was so worried about taking in orders more than I could handle but after a few phone calls,  'pleases' & much coaxing from Intan, I just couldn't say no :-P After all, her whole family are such loyal fans of Ritz Passion's goodies :-) Of course I'll make time to fulfill Intan's wishes...

With all the running around making & delivering goodies, I didn't realize how time flew by so fast! Believe it or not, I only managed to get my hands on Ochen's cupcakes at 6pm & the agreed pick up time was for 8:30pm!! Major 'erkkkkkkk' but luckily I baked the cupcakes much earlier ;-) Smart move ehh? :-P *patting my back*

Despite a few panicky moments rushing out Ochen's cupcakes, I did enjoy the process of making it...Putting together the deco are so much fun! I even came up with a few new ideas :-) Sometimes when pressured, my mind & imagination can do wonders. Thank God! :-P

Chocolate Moist & Vanilla Cupcakes With Vanilla Buttercream
And Fondant Deco

Loving The Colorful Deco! Had So Much Fun Making These :-)

To my dear Intan, I do hope you & family, especially Ochen,  had enjoyed the goodies. Thank you soooooo much for your continuous support & most of all, for choosing my goodies to grace Ochen's birthday :-) Much love to you & your family for being Ritz Passion's #1 fan :-)

I still have loads to catch up on my goodies but I think it's best if we take a break for now...Wouldn't want to bore you with my yapping :-P Till my next post, have a great day all!

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