01 December 2011

Came Full Circle

It was during my teen years when I first got hit by the 'baking bug' :-P Not understanding any of the baking terms like folding, kneading etc, I simply dump all my ingredients in a bowl & did my very first donut balls...Which of course, as you can imagine, turned out a disaster! *blush* Ha! Ha! Till this day, I still remember that day like it was only yesterday *lol*

Let me just share with you what happened...Being a daddy's girl, I wanted to show my baking skill ( so I thought! ) & presented those goodies for my dad's teatime. You know, cheering him up after he got back from a hard day's work...I remember how excited I was when I brought a tray full of those donut balls to my dad. I didn't even try it as I really want to have the first bite with him...In my mind, I was already imagining his proud smile & telling me what a delicious donut it was :-) The moment of truth finally came & with a beaming face, I had my first bite...CRUNCH!!!!

Oh dear! One could just break a tooth eating those donut balls of mine! I was really mortified & Daddy, being a joker himself, threw one donut ball to the wall & when nothing happened to it ( and yes, no dent on the wall! ), looked at me & told me, 'don't worry, at least it will make a good golf ball'....Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Those memory stayed with me till now & honestly, after that incident, baking is the last thing on my mind during my teen years!  Years had passed & so many things had changed...I'm no longer a teenager & I now ( thankfully! ) understand all the baking terms :-P Yes, baking is now a passion of mine...but truth be told, I still get pretty nervous when baking  for my daddy. Phobia, I guess :-P Ha...Ha...

Imagine my nerves then when dear Daddy requested that I make a big birthday cake that he wish to present to his golf buddies...I can't help but flashing back to those donut balls incident! Erkkkkk! Really?!! My dad requesting a cake from me? :-P Can't help having all these mixed feeling inside me - happy, nervous, proud, scared...yada...yada...

Still being a daddy's girl, I wanted to make the best cake ever & yes, I still crave for one of those proud look from my dad :-P It actually took me quite some time to mentally prepare myself & come up with this golf themed cake...

Golf Themed Birthday Cake

American Carrot Cake ( Bottom ) & Red Velvet Cake ( Top )
With Lemon Cream Cheese Frostings

Seeing my daddy's face when I presented him his cake, I can't help but feel that I've finally made up for those disastrous donut balls I did years ago :-P Yes, his beaming smile & proud face tells it all & it was indeed very priceless to me...A look that I'll remember for as long as I live :-)

 Note to my dearest Daddy - Thanks Daddy for trusting me to create your special cake...Thanks for the encouragement...the support...and most of all, the love you've showered me with. Muahhhhhhhhh! I love you so much Daddy! 

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