11 December 2011

Cutie Pie Syaima

I honestly can't stop smiling ( over & over again! ) each time I thought of this cake :-) Yes, so many sweet memories was made by just this one birthday cake...Truth be told, this cake was one of the fun & exciting cake I've made so far...Not only because of the cake, but because of whom I'm making it for :-) 

This cake was requested by none other than my dear, dear friend and my #1 fan, Ms. Suraya :-) Suraya wanted to make a special cake for one of her nieces, Syaima, who's celebrating her 2nd birthday. If I remember well, Suraya actually put in her cake request a month before Syaima's birthday and all she said to me was, "Syaima loves pink colour, the cartoon character Barney, Cinderella, Snow White and Upin & Ipin ( a Malaysian made animated cartoon characters )...The rest, I'll leave it up to you"....I remembered thinking 'uh-ohhhhhhh' :-P Yup! I was so worried about coming up with the best looking cake for cutie pie Syaima *pressured!*

After much to & fro excited phone calls & mobile messages from Suraya ( Oh yes! Syaima's aunt was super excited about the cake as well...he..he...), both of us finally settled for a Rainbow Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream with edible & fondant decorations :-)

Rainbow Vanilla Cake With Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

My Very 1st Try At Making Fondant Teddy Bear...My Honey Bunny Said
It Looked More Like A Zombie/Alien Looking Bear...
*Sigh!* Guess I Need To Practice More :-P

Isn't That The Cutest Face To See On A Cake? :-P

It was super fun making this cake as not only did I enjoy every moment chatting away on my mobile with Suraya, I was also introduced to Suraya's other family members :-) I especially loved it when I get to share & see Syaima's baby photo. She's one cute baby & still is :-)

Here are some of the fun fact about the cake that I'll forever cherished, thanks to Suraya's feedback & excited smses she has sent to me :-)
  • Guess who never left the cake from the moment the cake was collected & even became a 'guard', guarding the cake ever so tightly that others are denied access to come near the cake?...Cutie pie Syaima! :-P
  • Guess who was sooooooo in love with the cake that the person can't stand being away from the cake?...Yes, cutie pie Syaima again! :-P
  • Bet you can guess who cried at the thought of cutting the cake when others were happily singing 'Happy Birthday' to her...Yes, cutie pie Syaima! I was so touched when I heard this from Suraya...Can't imagine the look on Syaima's face, crying infront of her cake :'(
  • Guess who had to be cajoled by her mum & aunts for nearly 20 minutes to cut the birthday cake?...Yes, cutie pie Syaima! Isn't that the cutest thing you've read? :-P

Heck! I'm still smiling right this minute remembering Suraya & cutie pie Syaima :-) Both of you gave me such happiness sweeties!

To Suraya & her lovely family, my sincere thanks for choosing my goodies to grace Syaima's special day. I am indeed honoured to be a part of it :-) Suraya, many..many...many thanks to you & Maini for the continuous support both of you had showered me with. Big hugssssssssss to you dear!

To the cutest birthday girl, Syaima, you'll forever have a special place in my memory :-) I still can't get over the fact of how cute you are :-) Sending you a big wet kiss! Muahhhhhhhhhh!

Cutie Pie Syaima With Her Cake...Photo Courtesy Of Suraya :-)
Thanks So Much For Sharing Dear!


  1. We love it Kak Rita !!!!! - Syaima even more!!!.... Part of the cake (syaima's cute face) was kept for 3 days... - Suraya & Maini.

  2. Suraya & Maini, lots of ♥s to you both! Sure wish I was there to see Syaima & her 'dilemma' :-P Thanks again for yr continuous support! Hope I'll be getting more in the future ;-)


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