18 June 2010

Cuppies Attack!!

It must be a great month to have cupcakes as I am suddenly being attack by cupcake orders!!! I simply love it when others share the same urges as I do...Can never resist having those delish cupcakes *droolingggggggggggggg*...

Anyway, before I head to my kitchen to bake another 2 batches of cupcake orders, I told myself that I better update my blog. After all, I did make a promise to update my blog as often as I could...Wouldn't want any back-logged post cramming my 'draft box' ( as if I don't have enough of those...ha..ha...)!!!

Here's a cuppies order by another one of my loyal customer, Ms. ZRZ. She simply luvvvvvvvvvvv my orange poppy seed with lemon cream cheese frosting. This is her standard order each time she made her purchases with me ;-) She requested for something simple as she's bringing it for a gathering at her tuition class. I opt for a sweet & simple flower design which I think suit ZRZ ;-)

Since I'm baking some for ZRZ, I took the chance to bake some 'hello-there' cuppies for my ex-colleague & new friends at my former office. Hope the cuppies will brighten up their day!

Anyway, I guess the cuppies did their part in brightening up my ex-colleague & new friends, as a few days after, I received a few orders from them!! They were totally head over heels with my cuppies and I'm just so grateful that they like my baking...Hugs!!!

Orange Poppy Seed With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Large Size Cuppies Set Ordered By ZRZ, SHAR, Ree, CT & Linda

Small Size Cuppies Set Ordered By Ree & Putri

All Packed & Ready For Collection

Funny Fact - Ree, CT, SHAR & Putri Consumed The 
Cuppies As Soon As They Collected It :-P

To ZRZ, SHAR, Ree, CT, Putri and Linda ( whom I've never met...hope to see you soon! ), thanks so much for your orders. I just pray that you have enjoyed every bite of the cuppies...Hugssssssssssss!!!

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  1. WE DID ENJOY YOUR CUPPIES!!! i love the orange poppy seed. i want more!! CT


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