17 April 2012


I guess from my non-stop ramblings through this blog of mine, plus the imperfect looking decorations of my goodies *blush*, by now everyone would probably know what a true & true novice I am in this cake baking & decorating :-P Yup! Two years into this trade and I still find myself struggling to catch up on the ABC's of cake decorating :-P Honestly, when I first ventured into this line, little did I know what a big scope cake decorating can be! All this while I really thought it's just 'bake a cake - frost - decorate' & walaa! you'll have yourself a pretty little cake! Obviously I was sooooooo wrong! Just shows how little I know, right?! Huh, what do you expect from someone who doesn't even know how to cook before :-P *super blush*

Honestly, I still can't believe how many things I need to learn just to cover the basic 'dos & don'ts' of this new passion of mine. With new decorating techniques popping up mostly every day, I'm pretty sure I'll STILL be a novice five years from now :-P Sometimes I find myself wondering if ever I'll get to master at least some of the techniques *wishful thinking*

Talking about the ABC's of cake decorating, let me tell you that there are just tonnes of cake decorating techniques that I'm dying to try but never have the guts to! Yes! I'm THAT insecure when it comes to cake decorating :-P One of the techniques that I've been wanting to try is buttercream ruffles...I really can't tell you the number of times I have actually picked up my piping bag to do this technique but always find myself backing away from it & instead opted for a 'safer' kind of decoration :-P Oh yea! Thousands & thousands of times! I somehow find it so nerve-wrecking to try making those ruffles!

When Ramadzan contacted me & told me of his intention to present his special someone with a birthday cake, my mind immediately thought of the buttercream ruffles. Moreover, Ramadzan requested for a sweet coloured cake deco. After putting much thought & understanding his requirements, I was pretty sure that this deco suits his cake best...The question is, will I be able to pull it off. Guess I'll let you be the judge of it ;-)

Pssttt! Tell me if you think I've failed yea! Pinky promise?

My First Attempt At Making Ruffles Cake :-P

Chocolate Moist Cake With Vanilla Buttercream & Edible Photo

Sweet Pink Color Theme Deco As Requested By Ramadzan

Tadaaaa! My First Swirl Of Ruffles :-P
Yes! I Desperately Need To Practice More :-P

To Ramadzan, my sincere thanks to you for your purchase but most of all, many thanks for giving me the opportunity & for trusting me enough to make your special cake :-) I do hope the cake I've created for you brought thousands of smile on your special someone's face :-)

Okay, I'm heading off to my practice board - pronto! Better start practicing those ruffles if ever I want to catch up! Tonnes of techniques still need to learn! Ngeeee! *getting panickier by the seconds!*

Till my next post, sending much love to each & every one of you :-) Big hugs! ✗o✗o

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