18 March 2011

Dibo The Gift Dragon Cake

With the cupcakes craze that's going on around, it has been quite some time since I was last commissioned to do a cake. Oh! I do bake some for my own guilty pleasure though ;-)

Recently, when my close friend, Mona, told me that she wished to order a cake for her son's birthday, I couldn't help feeling excited about the prospect of baking one. Little did I know that I'll end up doing something I've never done before. And I REALLY mean NEVERRRRR!! Never ever!!

Wait for it...wait for it...Drum roll please ( or should I ask for those scary movie background musics? ha..ha... ) Yup, I was asked to do figurines!! FIGURINES!! I nearly had a heart attack when Mona told me her request. Me, a novice baker, never been to any classes what-so-ever was asked to do figurines! Heck! I don't even know the difference between fondant & gum paste, and I'm supposed to do figurines?!! Pause...Drama-queen moment!

But in all honesty, I've really never done any figurine of any kind...If you've followed my earlier posts, you'll see that I'm still struggling to make those basic ( I repeat, basic ) fondant flowers...Ha..ha..*blush*

Not wanting to disappoint Mona, I told her, I'll try to work something out...It still didn't cross my mind to do the figurines myself at that time :-P I thought I could 'cheat' by getting a toy of Dibo or something to that effect :-P Unfortunately my search for a Dibo toy seemed fruitless as after visiting nearly five shopping malls, I still couldn't find one! All I could find was Barney!! I've no choice but to admit my defeat to Mona & figure something else...Mona, being the supportive friend that she is, whole heartedly encouraged me to do the figurine...She just wanted me to give it a try & was even willing to accept how ever my Dibo gonna end up looking :-P I remember her telling me, "Just try it...It can be crooked, a blob, anything, but just try"...

How can I say no to such encouragement & support? With her words in my mind & my mantra of 'do @ die', I took out my fondant...

Now get ready to suppress those laughters & giggles! Introducing my 1st ever figurine cake...Tadaaaaaaaaa!!

Chocolate Moist Cake with Rich Chocolate Buttercream & Fondant Deco/Figurines

My 1st Ever Figurines :-P

He..he...A Blob Purple Dibo :-P

Think My Dibo is Wayyyyyyy Laid Back ;-)

Despite me going all panicky and crazy while doing my figurines ( yup! I did laughed all to myself the whole time I did it! ), I had such a great time! It was totally a new & awesome experience for me. I admit I have tonnes to learn in improving my figurines but at least now I understand the whole process of doing figurines much better. It also reinforce my respect to all figurine makers :-) I have to admit, it's not so easy a task! Or maybe it's just me :-P

To my dear Mona, where would I be without you? Your love, encouragement & support means the world to me! I can honestly guarantee that if you did not push me hard, making figurines would still be a far away dream for me...Thanks to you, I now can say, "I did it!" :-x

I hope you & family, especially Aqil, had enjoyed the cake. Thanks so much for everything but most of all, thanks for 'accepting' my Dibo despite it's not-so-perfect look...Ha...Ha...Love you tonnes dear! Hugssssssssssssss!!

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