01 June 2010

Wedding Favor Cookies

After being busy with Mother's Day & May orders, love is still lingering in the air for me...and it feels so good to bask in those feelings :-x Those lovey dovey feelings were also my inspiration in creating these wedding favors...

To be honest, apart from my family, I'm so sooooooooooooooo blessed with a group of close friends whom I considered as my extended family and Ms. RR is certainly one of them....Being such a humble person & always on hand with great advises whenever I need it, she's just like a wise elderly sister to me...Her family is such a loving family & I truly adore the love they have for one another! A great & sweet family indeed! It's sad that I couldn't see them as often as I would like as they are not living in Malaysia but whenever we could, we'll try to meet up and spend as much time as possible....

Recently when RR mentioned that her brother is getting married, I couldn't think of any great present to give the bride & groom...I then decided to bake a specially made wedding favors for them instead...It's also my way of thanking RR for the years of friendship that we've shared ;-)

I wanted to make something personal & special for the newly wed so I played around with those edible thingy...I've tried cookies with edibles before but I have to admit that this is my first wedding favor cookies :-P

Wedding Favor Cookies

While doing the wedding favor cookies, I took some time to create some other deco patterns - just for the fun of it :-P

Making these cookies really inspired me and I'm looking forward to creating other kind of wedding favors...Cramming my brain for ideas as I'm typing this...*Thinking mode ON*

Before I end this post of mine, a dedication to RR's brother, Saiful & his bride, Norzalifah...I wish both of you 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' and may you enjoy this new chapter of your life...Congratulations and happiness always!

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  1. Hi I nak tanye wedding favor cookies tu u ade amik untuk wedding order tak? bole bagi qoutation tak?


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