08 June 2010

Fruit Bouquet

This order was a bit out of my normal dos but being a person who is always willing to try new things & up for a challenge, I accepted this order from Ms. STS. Actually STS informed me of her intention months ago....I have to admit that I've done some simple hantaran ( wedding / engagement gifts ) for immediate families before, but never for orders...Even 'warned' STS on this fact but thankfully she simply gives me the 'green light' to just go ahead :-) And I gladly accepted...Give me a chance to try my skill...Ha..ha...If I got it, that is!!

STS order was for a fruit basket, a gift for her cousin's engagement...I was quite nervous as it has been a while since I did my last one...To tell the truth,  there are a few 'projects' that I wanted to try my hands on and this particular style is one of it...

STS request was quite simple - the bouquet has to be pink themed, simple yet elegant...I was so excited about this project that I took some time doing it...Just enjoying every moment of the process :-P I've also taken some step-by-step photos of STS's fruit bouquet :-P

The basic 'cage' for the fruits
                  Adding some ribbons

Adding some 'blings' and butterflies

The final look

At the time I'm typing this, STS had already picked up the fruit bouquet and she was kind enough to sent me a mobile message saying everyone loves it....Phew! I just love the feeling when someone's happy with my products / hand-work...Now I can have a peaceful sleep at nite :-P

P/S - Thanks STS for your order :-)

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