24 June 2010

How Do I Thank You, Ira?

Don't you just love it when you gain a bit more knowledge?...I do :-)

Well, to those following my blog, I guess you must have noticed my new & improved setting here ;-) I would say it looks much more tech savvy than it used to be ehh? Not a bad blog for someone who's so 'dumb dumb' with all those IT thingy, rite?....

I totally admit that I get easily 'lost' when presented with all those widget and applications meant  for blogger...Never know how and when to use it...Or even where to get it!! Hey! Just look at my previous setting :-P When I first set this blog up, I just stick to the basic settings and simply did my best...

Thus, it came as a big relief when my dearest friend, Ira, who is also an active blogger, came to my rescue. Thanks to her, I've learned so much more and now I truly understand the choices that I have as a blogger :-P She even thought me about my rights and  all those laws a blogger needs to know and understand...How do I ever thank her for passing on all her knowledge to me? For spending countless hours at Austin Chase Cafe in Wangsa Walk, tutoring & helping me on all those widgets and stuffs?

No words can ever describe my appreciation to her...To me, there's no greater gift than the gift of knowledge...and of course the give of love. Hence why I decided to  bake these cupcakes for her and to dedicate this post just for her...

Baked With Lots Of Love

My dear Ira, thank you so much for all that you have thought me...Thanks to you, now I'm more 'daring' and confident to try all those IT stuffs, namely all those widgets and applications :-P Let's just hope I won't make a boo-boo and accidentally delete what I shouldn't have...Ha..ha...ha...

Thank you dear! Hugs & kisses :-x


  1. Aww.kak rita...mahiramorrison ke? Hihi..me just ajar few things je la..no sweat and no problemo and the cuppies habis licin within a day tak smpat nak snap okei? So sorry.. Eay, what up abt our punye chit chat tu..the FB..both private..hahahah..maybe kat ym jek kot? Ill let u knw if my ofc allow..so far fB and twitter no problemo

  2. Yes, Ira of mahiramorrison...This post is sooooooo dedicated to you ;-) Hugs!!!


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