18 June 2010

Animal Shaped Cookies

Oh dear! This order was actually delivered a week ago & yet I fail to update it in my blog...Was busy with a sudden attack of cupcakes order :-) Will tell you about it in my next post...Soon I hope!!! Ha...ha...

Back to my updates, the last time Ms. ME ordered my cookies, she was so happy over it and recently she ordered another batch of it for her birthday. This time around, she specifically requested for a butterfly or any animal shaped cookies, with lemon and chocolate flavors.

As per my normal practice, I did a 'trial & error' for ME cookies first before deciding on the final product...Yes, people might think what a waste of time that is but this 'trial & error' run of mine is to make sure my customer gets  the best taste out of my baking...Remember, I won't sell what I won't eat ;-)

I finally decided that I'll go with an 'out line' kind of icing deco for the cookies instead of the 'fill in' icing deco as I found out that the latter is a bit too sweet...Wayyyyyyyyyy too sweet and I didn't enjoy it as the sweetness overpowered the taste of the cookies. I just hope ME agreed with my choices ;-)

Chocolate Flavored Butterfly Cookies

Personalized Cookies

My 'Crazy' Duck Lemon Flavored Cookies

"Fill In" Icing Deco That's Too Sweet For My Palate

Individual Packaging

All Packed Up & Ready To Be Delivered To ME

Oh! By the way, after receiving her cookies, ME did sent a text to me saying what gorgeous cookies it was...Even told me that she passed it around to her office mates but her office mates didn't want to eat it as they love it so much! Some even hang it as decoration!!  What a moral booster that was for me...Hugs!!! Thanks so much ME for the encouragement you've given me...Thanks too for your repeat orders & I do hope you've enjoyed every piece of the cookies ;-)

Lastly, all my prayers and love for you on this special day of yours...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!!!


  1. Hi can u pls email me ur quotation at marinasulaiman@gmail.com
    Thank dear

    1. Thank you for your interest in my goodies :-) Appreciate it greatly! As requested, I've sent in details to your email ;-)


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