20 June 2010

FIFA Spain Team Cuppies

As I'm typing this, newly-wed Ms. Tanti, just pick up her cake cuppies order from me....The poor girl! Struggling her way to my place as she's not too familiar with my area...Nevertheless, we finally meet up :-)

A few days back, Tanti texted me & ordered a cake cuppies for her darling hubby 'Uch' ( it's his nickname...so cute!! ). The cake cuppies is to celebrate Uch's birthday & being the FIFA World Cup month, Tanti requested for a Spain Team color & deco theme...I guess 'Uch' must be a strong supporter for team Spain :-P

I was a bit 'panicky' when Tanti told me about her request....Being a loyal Germany Team fan all these years, I really don't know much about the Spain Team!!! Wasn't even sure of the team's jersey color!!! Ask me about Germany Team, especially my favorite player Ballack ( droolllllllllll!! so unfortunate that he's injured for this FIFA... ) and I might know all the details ;-)

As soon as Tanti confirmed her order, I practically ran high & low doing my research on the team...Thank god for the internet ( human's greatest invention!! ), I managed to find out more about the Spain Team...Phew! Guided with those little knowledge I scraped thru, here's the outcome of the cake cuppies :-P

Spain Team ( FIFA ) Theme

Chocolate Flavored Cuppies With Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

My utmost thanks to dear Tanti for persevering in finding my house despite not being familiar with Ampang-Cheras area...It was really nice seeing you and congratulations on your good news ;-) I'm so happy for you!! Hugssssssss!! Thanks so much for your purchase & I do hope you'll enjoy it...

To 'Uch', I wish you "Happy 26th Birthday" and may you have a blast on this special day of yours :-)


  1. yeah!!! hehehe..
    thanks a lot kak rita..
    i dh xde idea menarik nk wat surprise for his birthday..suddenly 'mentol kuar'...let me ask kak rita if she can do this..ehehehe..
    tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu...he loves them so much!!

    cuppies itu adalah comel seperti kak rita! yeeehaa!

  2. Dear Envime,

    Thx 4 d sweet comments! I'm soooooooo glad tht both you & hubby love the cuppies...Hugs!!


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