17 October 2010

Love Of A Daughter, A Wife & A Mom

Yes, this is a post which I dedicate to all you women out there...Women who juggles & tries hard to balance their life being a daughter, a wife & a mom all at one go...One person in particular is my dear friend, Ms. Azni...

Apart from being all the above, Azni is also a full time career woman...How she managed to balance her hectic life is such a wonder to me...Heck! I'm without kids & yet I'm struggling to coordinate my life! Maybe I should get some tips from you gals, ehh? :-P

Despite her super duper busy life, Azni, being a great daughter in-law, set aside some time recently to arrange for her mother in-law's birthday...To make the event special & very personal, Azni had place an order for some photo cupcakes of her mother in-law...So touched was I over her sweet thoughts that I decided to make her cuppies deco as sweet as her thoughts ;-)

Azni's Special Order

Photo Cuppies

Orange Poppy Seed With Butter Cream Toppings

Azni ordered some photo cuppies for her children as well...

Chocolate Cuppies For Azni's Three Beautiful Kids

Not forgetting her special order for darling hubby...

Peanut Butter & Nutella Toppings

To Azni, you are such a great person & I'm so proud to call you my friend :-x Thanks again for your continuous support...I hope you & your family had enjoyed the cuppies ;-)

Lastly, to all the women out there, keep up the good work ladies...Spread your love around!

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