06 November 2010

Congratulations Intan!

Oh dear! I'm having major back-logged posts! Don't get me wrong...It's not intentional but lately I guess I'm chewing more than I can swallow...My work I mean ;-) Not that I'm complaining...I am happy that my passion is slowly gaining it's momentum into being my full time job...but being a novice baker, I'm still at the stage of figuring out the tricks of doing things properly...And me being 'Bree' of The Desperate Housewives ( that's what my loved ones are calling me!! ), things aren't that easy...Ha...ha...

So swarmed was I with all the details of building my little business that I tend to 'miss out' on updating my blog...Some family members & friends did advise me to start looking for part-timers to assist with my tasks but all they managed to hear from me was my hearty laughs! Me, hiring people?!!! I don't think I even reach THAT stage yet! I'm just a 'little' somebody striving with her little business :-P

Ok, enough of yapping! I still have loads to update! Others are celebrating Deepavali ( Diwali ) & yet I'm still at my Hari Raya posts! :-P

These cupcakes were baked specially for Ms. Intan Liyana. Some might know her for her roles in various TV programs but to me, she's my sweet little sister...and forever will be a star in my eyes :-x

During the last Hari Raya, her family, who is also my extended family, hosted a Hari Raya gathering & at the same time, Intan had chosen the day as her engagement day...Congratulations sweet sis! You looked so beautiful & I'm so proud of you! So radiant was her in her sweet purple dress that I can't get my eyes off her! So blissful!

Anyway, remembering what a sweet tooth Intan has, I decided to bake some Orange Poppy Seed with Cream Cheese toppings for her & family. It's nothing fancy, just something simple & sweet, just like Intan :-x

Orange Poppy Seed With Cream Cheese Toppings

Sweet Roses For My Sweet Sis

"Selamat Hari Raya" Wishes

Intan dear, hope you had enjoyed the cupcakes ;-) My congratulations to both you & Amir for such a beautiful event. You two make such a perfect couple & I'm sure you'll be happy always...Love you tonnes sis! Muahhhhh!!

P/S : To Mama, Papa & the rest of the family ( Ti, Mardiah & Armi ), thank you so much for your hospitality. Really good spending time with each & every one of you...Hugs to every one!

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