01 December 2010

Era's S.O.S Order

I was catching my breath after doing my big order for SHAR's wedding reception when I received Era's S.O.S cupcakes order...I was delighted at the prospect of baking but when she mentioned she needed it early morning the next day ( I received her text late in the evening! ), my jaw nearly fell to the floor! Mind you, I'm still a novice baker, so I'm still figuring out the process & timing it took to bake :-P Yet, being the kind of person who strive for challenge & whom can NEVER resist  any excuses to bake, I gladly accepted Era's order...I just can't say 'no' to baking ;-)

Era's order this time around was for a birthday cake cuppies & some cupcakes for her office-mates. Here's Mudd's Chocolate Moist with Butter Cream Frosting birthday cake cuppies...I decided to do the deco in blue & bling it with silver balls ;-)

Chocolate Moist Cake Cuppies With Butter Cream Frosting & Fondant Deco

Yes, I Still Need To Improve On My Writings :-P

These are the cupcakes which I did for Era's office-mates, Orange Poppy Seed with Cream Cheese Frosting...I decided to do the deco something simple & sweet :-P

Orange Poppy Seed With Cream Cheese Frosting

Though pressed for time, I seriously did enjoy baking & decorating Era's cupcakes...I find it such a joy seeing the cupcakes baking in the oven...and not to mention the process of frosting & decorating it...Call me crazy but I find it so therapeutic :-P I think I smiled all the way through baking & frosting it :-)

To show my appreciation to Era for being such a great friend to me & a strong supporter of Ritz Passion, I've baked some goodies for Era as well :-x

You're A Superstar To Me, Era! :-x

Era, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your purchase & support...Big...big hugsssssssssssss for you!! I do hope that your office-mates had enjoyed their cupcakes :-)

To Mudd, a sincere happy birthday to you & I do hope the cake cuppies had brightened  up your special day ;-)

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