08 February 2011

Cupcakes & Brownie Goodies

It always warms my heart when family, friends & customers chooses my goodies to grace their special occasions...Much more so when it's from a new customer :-) Not only do I get to share my goodies with them, but it also opens up a path to new friendships :-)

I was recently honored to be given a chance to know a very sweet lady by the name of Ms. Zaheeda. Though we have never met before, I was smitten by her sweet & friendly ways. She really had me at 'hello' via her mobile messages :-) Zaheeda initially requested a brownie which she would like to send to her aunt in Oman & somewhere along the way, she added a set of cupcakes for her mum as well :-)

I guess receiving new customers really made my day & help boost my confidence that I decided to try something new for Zaheeda's cupcakes deco :-P The deco might not be new to those professional bakers but as a novice, I was pretty excited about my new project, hand-made fondant flowers :-P It's nothing fancy or elaborate though as I really don't know how to do it *blush* I do have to start somewhere, right? Do or die, as I've always say :-P

Here are some photos of Zaheeda's cupcakes which she specially ordered for her mum...A token of love from a daughter to her mum. Ain't that sooooooooo sweet :-)

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting & Fondant Deco

Special Cupcakes For A Dear Mum ( Ibu = Mother )

Trying My Hands At Doing Hand-Made Fondant Flowers :-P

Photos of Zaheeda's Almond Brownie for her aunt in Oman...How I envy my brownies for having the chance to travel halfway across the globe :-P

Almond Brownies, Specially Packed For It's Trip To Oman :-)

To Zaheeda, my sincere thanks for giving me the opportunity to bake the goodies for you. I've enjoyed every moment of it! I hope you & your family had enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed baking it :-)

On another personal note, here's a warm birthday hugs to Zaheeda who celebrated her birthday recently...May your days be filled with lots of love & happiness :-)

Zaheeda & Her Cupcakes ( Thanks Aina For The Photo! Hugssss!! )

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