05 May 2011

Panic Button Activated!

Aina, a dear friend & a very supportive customer of mine, managed to activate my 'panic button' a few weeks back with her last minute cake & cupcakes order. Ngeee! Thanks Aina for nearly giving me a heart attack! *grin*

Truth be told, she actually did inform me of her intention to purchase some goodies to celebrate her hubby & daughter's birthday a few days before. Unfortunately, due to her busy schedules & stuffs, she totally forgot & only managed to confirm her order a day before the intended collection date! Imagine my shock the night I received Aina's text! To top it all, I was already swarmed with cupcakes order during that time...

Relenting to Aina's 'sweet pleas' ( ha! ha! she's good at this! ) & most of all, not wanting to disappoint her, I agreed to bake her goodies. There goes my beauty sleep! :-P

American Carrot & Walnut Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

Basket Weave & A Bed Of Roses Cake Deco

The Full Set - Carrot Cake & Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes

I do worry A LOT when I bake/make a last minute order & I was extremely worried about Aina's reaction on her goodies! Being the usual meticulous me, I always strive for perfection...I'm not called 'Monica' ( a character from the TV series, 'Friends' ) for no reason, rite? Ha..ha...

Thankfully Aina gave me the sweetest of smile when she collected & saw her goodies :-P Phewww! All those nerves & worries are such a killer!

To my dear Aina, thank you so much for all the support & of course, your undying confidence in my goodies :-) Despite all the panicky moments, I did enjoy making your cake & cupcakes :-) Another experience I'm taking along in my quest to be a better baker ;-)

P/S -  Aina, I rejoice the day when both your daughters came up to me & said they loved the cake & cupcakes :-) Simply make all the panic & worry so, so worth it! Hugsssss to both of them :-)


  1. they both did! them and the birthday boy...

    and of course - so did i, till now i salivate thinking of the carrot cake... :D

    sorry for pressing your panic button, dear....

  2. Dear, am just soooooooo happy that yr family had enjoyed the goodies. No worries about the panic button :-P I welcome any reason to bake, especially when it's for a dear friend like you :-)


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