25 January 2011

Cooking Spree

I was feeling down & achy for the past couple of days, no thanks to my 'on & off' fever...I guess the gloomy & cold weather didn't help much either :-( Being an active person, I totally felt 'tied down' & hated every moment of being sick...So what's a girl to do on such days?...Went berserk in the kitchen!! :-P

Yup, I totally went crazy & cooked all the dishes I could think of! Even managed a 'trial-run' for my new cupcake flavor :-P

Thought I'll share with you some of the foodies I've whipped up...Just for the fun of it ;-)

A Local Dish - Masak Lemak Lodeh ( Creamy Coconut Broth With Veges & Rice Cubes )

Extra Garnishing - Spicy Prawn Sambal

Trial Run For My New Cupcake Flavor - Double Chocolaty...Still Need To Be Perfected ;-)

Chocolate Base Cake With Molten Chocolate Filling & White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

My Own 'Comfy Food' Creation - Burnt Butter Pasta...I Loveee This!

Pasta Loaded With Roasted Capsicum, French Beans, Mushrooms & Prawns

Come to think of it, I totally enjoyed the time I spent cooking up all those dishes! Just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee cooking & baking, even when I'm under the weather ;-) 

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