14 March 2011

Mini Town Cupcakes

Parents to baby Khayr, Lilia & Khairul are such a devoted & loving parents that one simply can't resist sharing their joy & delight in bringing up their one and only son. Honestly, from the first time I met Khayr, I've fallen head over heels in love with him! He's such a bubbly & happy baby, infact I honestly could say that he's THE happiest baby I've met so far...and I've met quite a number of babies :-) Just thinking about Khayr makes me want to squeeze him in my arms & hear those contagious giggles of him :-P

It's a no brainer then on why I got all excited ( practically jumped with joy! ) when I received a call from Lilia, telling me of her intention in ordering a birthday cuppies to celebrate Khayr's 1st birthday. What an honor!

So excited was I over this that I decided to do a special birthday cuppies for Khayr - his own 'Mini Town'! An idea which was inspired from one of my best childhood toy, Lego :-) I really had so much fun doing the cupcakes deco. It kind of transported me back in time :-P

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache Cake Cuppies

Mini Town Cupcakes

Special Road Signs Made Specially For Khayr ( Mama = Mother & Abah = Father )

Happy 1st Birthday Khayr!

A Picture Perfect Moment!

Khayr & His Cupcakes :-)

Seriously, Who Can Resist That Cheeky Look From Khayr?!! Not Me!! :-P

To Lilia & Khairul, thanks so much for giving my goodies the opportunity to grace Khayr's first ever birthday. Thanks too for allowing me to share some of Khayr's birthday party snapshots. Looked like he had a blast! :-)

To baby Khayr, happy birthday sweetie  & may you grow up to be a great & wonderful person, just like your mum & dad :-) Hugsssssssssss!!

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