11 August 2010

Happy Birthday Ameera!

There are times when I wonder if I did the right thing by 'crazily' quitting my 9 to 5 & decent salary job last year simply to follow my heart & passion....

Little things like this one ensure me that I've made the right decision ;-)

"Bha excited giler tengok kek tu. Tq so much for making our dream comes true...Suke sgt dgn deco n the whole cake lah. Tq Kak. I love u lah....Muahxxx"

"Semua orang puji kek Akak. Chedap...Thanks ya"

"Thanks so much yer Kak...Semua orang puji kek Akak"

Such were the messages which husband & wife, Azri & Bieha sent to me after I delivered their daughter's birthday cake last Saturday...

Azri & Bieha might not realize this when they sent their messages to me but honestly, those simple words are so priceless to me...I have to admit that I love making people happy...and I strive for it through my baking...Nothing give me great pleasure than to see that smile of happiness each time I delivered my products...

I could say that Ameera's cake gave me my own share of happiness as well...I had so much fun baking Ameera's cake...Her cake will always have a special place in my heart as it's my very first two tiers cake!! Yeayyyyyy!! I finally could cross off one item from my 'Baking To Do' list :-P Seriously, there's no happiness like when you've achieved something, especially little things like your own goal in something you love dearly ;-)

Chocolate Moist Cake & Chocolate Sponge Cake
With Chocolate & Vanilla Butter Cream

My Very First Two Tiers Cake

No. 1 & Garden Theme Deco 

To Azri & Bieha, thanks so much for giving me the chance to grace your daughter's 1st birthday...I'm sure it's such a special occasion to your family & I'm just so happy to be able to be a part of the celebration...

To sweet Ameera, happy birthday sweetie & may you grow up to be a wonderful person, just like both your mum & dad :-)

Hugs & kisses for the birthday girl :-x


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    1. Hi Ameera. For more details, kindly buzz me at my email ritzpassion@yahoo.com yea. Thanks! :-)


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