13 August 2010

Feeling Steamy

Ha..ha...ha...I bet some of you must be raising your eyes when reading the title....Nah! No worries, it's not what you think! :-P Nothing naughty or bad...

I was feeling nostalgic recently and my mind drifted to the time when I had those lovely Apam Kukus a.k.a Steamy Cake ( that's what the "steamy" in my title meant! ) :-P Love those cakes!! It usually comes in bright colors & always looked so appealing to me...

I was organizing my store room one day & saw my steamer sitting royally on the shelf...Since it's just sitting there doing nothing other than collecting dust, I decided to use it & try  to make the Apam Kukus...Trust me, I've only used my steamer once before, when I did my delish fruit cake for my dad :-P Errr, don't mean to sound cocky but I REALLY loved my steamed fruit cake!!! And to know for a fact that I hate fruit cakes!! :-P

Equipped with several recipes I found on the internet and after twisting it around to suit my taste & style, here's my first try at making Apam Kukus ( Steamed Cake )...I was made to understand that to know if your Apam Kukus is good or not, it has to have it's significant look of being 'mekar' ( blossom )....

My Very 1st Try At Apam Kukus ( Steamed Cake )

I Think It Did 'Mekar' ( Blossom ) :-P

I Love The Colors! :-P

It's quite an easy recipe & I think I did well for my first try :-P I have to admit that as usual, I can't resist tweaking the original recipes :-P Love playing around with the ingredients...Makes me feel so 'Chefty'!!! He...he...

I'm pretty sure I'll be making this again in the near future & maybe tweak it further...Aiming it to be the perfect Apam Kukus ever! :-P Wish me luck! ;-)

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