12 August 2010

Congratulations To My 3,000th Visitor!

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Yeayyyy!!! There are no words to say how happy I am at this moment...My blog just received it's 3,000th Visitor!!! *doing my happy dance now* 

The best part of it all, my 3,000th Visitor is my best buddy + high school roomate ( we were in boarding school from Form 1 to Form 5 ) + BFF, Ms. Rozita Ishak ( whom I fondly call 'Mate' )...Really! It's like the best thing that happened to me today!! Now I could personally thank her for all the endless support & advice she's given me all these time...Mate, congratulations to you!! I'm so happy when I found out you're the lucky visitor :-) Can't wait to bake those Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes for you ;-)

Rozie's 'Print Screen' proof...It's a little bit small as Rozie is also not IT savvy, just like me :-P

I'm so looking forward to baking Rozie's winning cupcakes & will definitely write it up in my later post...In the meantime, to those who's new with my blog & is wondering what all this is about, here are snippets from my previous post...

"Hhmmm...I guess I better announce it again ehhh?....I love the concept of 'sharing is caring' and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee baking...It would be such a joy to share this love of mine with you guys out there ;-) So, as a thank you for all the support I received from my family & friends, and also YOU, I'm giving away a special gift to my 1,000th....2,000th....3,000th....4,000th....5,000th....and so forth ( you get the picture, rite? ) to my blog visitors :-P But hold on!!! Let me remind you that my gift  won't be over the top, fancy @ extravagant kind of gift okay....Have to make this clear in case you are expecting a car or something....Ha..ha..ha...."

Love to yap more but I have to rush to the kitchen now to prepare my break fast meals :-P Till next time, take care & Selamat Berbuka!

P/S - To my other besties a.k.a support group ( you know who you are!! ), especially Era, Mona & Azni, who have been vying for the "3,000th Visitor" spot  today :-P, thanks for your unconditional support & encouragement...Better luck next time kay :-x You guys are the wind beneath my wings & I love you tonnes!!!

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