23 August 2010

Arsenal & Love Cupcakes

Remember those nursery rhymes you used to sing when it rains? It goes something like this - "Rain...rain...go away....come again another day..."

Well, for now I'm changing it to "Fever...fever...go away...come again another day..."...Yup, yours truly is down with a fever :-( Went to the clinic just now & got loads of medicines from the doctor...Bah!! Don't you just hate taking medicines? I do! :-(

I'm suppose to be resting but being the person that I am, I just couldn't sit still...Honest, I just need to do something! Thought I'll fight off my fever by baking some goodies but it proves futile as the moment I stood up, my headache took over me ...Sigh! Well, I guess I'll use this time to catch up on my back log posts instead ;-)

To start off, here's an Arsenal theme cupcakes which I did for my wonderful & sweet pet-sis, Hanim...She has been a great supporter of mine & has been introducing my products to her friends...Thanks sweetie! This time around she ordered cupcakes on behalf of her friend,  Eda Ali whom is celebrating her boyfriend's birthday...

All I understand from Hanim when she placed her orders was something to this effect - Arsenal theme...sweet...lovey dovey but not too obvious ( according to Hanim, Eda's bf is quite a shy guy...Auwwww... )...Based on these, I opted to do my cuppies deco a simple one - just to highlight on the Arsenal & the heart logo :-P

Chocolate Moist With Chocolate Ganache Frosting & Edible Deco

While baking the cupcakes, my thoughts wandered off to Hanim...So grateful was I for all her recommendations & supports that I came up with the idea of surprising her with her own edible cupcakes ;-) Note to Hanim - Sis, I hope you'll love these ;-) Muahhhhhhhhh!!

 My Surprise For Hanim ;-)

Photo Courtesy Of Nadia Anuar, Hanim's Friend...Thanks Dear!

To be honest, I was running a little late when Hanim came to collect her cupcakes...Was busy packing up other orders as well when she reached my home...Didn't even managed to snap photos of my products but thank god Hanim came to the rescue & snapped some...Phew! Lucky or else this post will be without photos...How boring is that! :-P

To Eda, I do hope that your bf had enjoyed his cupcakes & that you guys had a blast celebrating his birthday...Thanks so much for allowing me to grace your event...

To Hanim, what else can I say sis?....Thanks so much dear! Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Love you tonnes!

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